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As a qualified Homeopath I treat many issues, across physical, mental and emotional levels. From Stress, hormonal issues, skin issues, behaviour problems the list is vast. I also use Homeopathy Detox Therapy in my practice to eliminate toxins from the body.

I love working with women with Hormonal challenges restoring balance to their body.  From puberty, menopause and in between, Homeopathy is wonderful for supporting women.

Many of us will experience trauma, shock and grief in our life times.  But for some the consequences of such experiences have long standing affects on their present life.  Panic attacks, sleep issues and digestive disturbances are some examples of how the trauma, shock or grief can manifest.  Using Homeopathy I have helped many people begin to reclaim their well being and release the affects of their past experiences.

I also offer Somatic Reclamation which enables us to discharge our nervous system.  This is a power technique for getting out of Talk therapy and into the body.

I have vast experience working with children with developmental delays, behaviour challenges and physical issues such as skin, digestion and allergies.  Children often respond really well to homeopathy.

My practice is only online at present and available for face to face consults in Easkey, Co.Sligo on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland.

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