My name is Gráinne Flanagan.  Many of my international clients struggle with my first name, it is the Irish for Grace.  However I often tell people to call me Grá, this is the Irish for Love.

Until 2018 I had a 25 year career in IT as a Computer Programmer.  I have quiet a logical side to me and enjoyed this work.

However I was always training in other holistic therapies throughout those years.  From reiki, to counselling, to coaching I finally found Homeopathy.  It was the perfect blend of my deeply logical side and my more holistic side.  When my redundancy came about I was in 4th Year at the Irish School of Homeopathy so once I qualified I was delighted to start my own practice as a full time Homeopath.

I love working with people to restore balance in their physical mental and emotional bodies so they can live their best life.  Using Homeopathy, Angel Card Readings and Energy Healing I love bearing witness to transformations.

I look forward to meeting you at my practice (in person or virtually)!


Oscar is my rescue Sighthound.  He is often sitting under my desk while I work.  Some clients even request him to be present during their sesssions as he has a special healing knowing about him.

For my virtual clients there are also requests for him to come on camera – and every now and again he will photo bomb me regardless.