May 2021

Perimenopause / Menopause

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Do you think menopause will be a hot mess or has that been your experience? This was a poll I ran in my Instagram stories - 29% replied yes. Honestly this was better than I imagined.  However it still leaves a lot of women facing into their crone years with something less than joy. avast [...]

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The Pill

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The Pill. I often wonder why the Oral Contraceptive Pill had its name shortened to just the Pill. I mean there are lots of pills in the world. When it was first released on the Female population of the 60s and 70s in Ireland it was the only legal form of contraception available. Even then [...]

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January 2020


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Taking contraceptives to 'fix your period' is like taking out the fuse in the warning light on your dashboard. It will stop the annoying flashing light but it won't 'fix' anything. It will also keep a potentially dangerous vehicle on the road. Contraceptives can sometimes artificially stop very heavy bleeding or intense pain (they can [...]

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