Crisis Prescribing

What do I mean – Crisis Prescribing?  Well if you follow me on the Socials, my dog Oscar was attacked recently.  To say I lost my mind is an understatement (a clear Aconite state).  I stood with Sally, the homeopathic vet asking, what remedies will I give him?

After, I thought how do all my Home Prescribing clients cope in those highly stressed times.

To be clear, I’m not talking Acute prescribing, when we are navigating a cold or teething.  I’m talking Accidents, Big Frights, Emergency moments.  Like a potential broken bone, scalds, stings / burns, wounds, fevers.  Events that trigger panic all around and for a moment looking at your kit is like trying to decode hieroglyphics.

So I created a simple two sided worksheet, with a few key Crisis moments and suggested remedies that will help.   You can either print it off or purchase a laminated version from me.

If you are on my mailing list, a copy has been emailed to you.  If you would like a copy, get in touch!