Can you see the sadness in my eyes?

Today I spoke with a client who has given me permission to share her story.

Last summer she moved into an apartment in North Dublin for work. She is 39. Single. No kids and lives alone. She knows none of her neighbours.

Her family and inner circle of 3 close friends all live 50mins away. One friend has asked her to bubble with her. But she can’t because it’s outside her 5k.

She cried telling me how lonely she is. How she walks the park in front of her apartment daily hoping for a nod, a smile or crikey would someone say hello to her as she walks alone.

She is mentally struggling with the isolation and loneliness. And spent much of the recent days sobbing.

Last week she phoned her local Garda station to ask for permission to travel to her friend to bubble with her. Two women wanting to come together. The Garda responded “sure you’re not the only one affected.” And called back to say No we can’t do anything for you.

Her GP said did she want counselling. Counselling for enforced loneliness and isolation seems a contradiction to me.

And this is me after. Sadness for her. And everyone else mentally suffering out there. Because this Silent Pandemic I believe is far greater.

Regardless of your thoughts on these lockdowns – and please I don’t want an argument on this post about that. I am sharing this story because the mental trauma being inflicted on people is huge. And it is being ignored.

In the years preceding 2020 there was much talk about the “hidden illnesses” people suffer with. Mental health being at the top of the list. And here we are 10mths into rolling enforced isolation and not an iota done for mental health.

I know I can alleviate with my wonderful remedies but the bottom line is the maintaining cause of lockdown life.

Feel free to share. Enough is Enough.