In my last social media post I spoke about a fab case of overcoming anxiety.

For this Client her anxiety was so debilitating she did not leave her apartment.

In cases of anxiety that I treat with Homeopathy not only can I help with the immediate and shocking panic attacks that arise. I can also help with the Anxiety Gremlin that sits on your shoulder and has power over your every thought and move.

The amazing thing too with Homeopathy is there are no side affects. Unlike many medications your GP will prescribe. And because Homeopathy is working to restore balance it is not a medication you need to be on forever or will have any issues stopping taking when your treatment concludes.

As well as Homeopathy I will also discuss some tips with my clients to help them managing their mental wellbeing going forward. Here are some I share;
  • Regular sleep pattern. Getting up at the same time every day can improve concentration and productivity. Of course sleep can also be a challenge with anxiety and I can also support this.
  • Reduce processed foods. This can cause inflammation in the body which can affect anxiety. Sugary foods as we come off them can also mirror the same symptoms of anxiety.
  • Exercise. I know it can be a challenge to leave the house. But even a gentle walk can make such a difference. Find something that works for you. And make it part of your routine.
  • Laugh. This might sound trite and that is not my intention. However over the last year it seems we’ve all forgotten the power of a good laugh. A good comedy. Your favourite comedian. That friend that gives you a bellyache. There is nothing like it for taking you out of your head.
  • Gratitudes. Ending each day give thanks for 1, 3 of however many gratitudes. It might be as simple as the roof over your head. Or a person that helped you that day. But as you accumulate the gratitudes over time you realise just how much you have to be grateful for.

The path may seem uncertain right now if you have anxiety. But there are so many options as well as Homeopathy to help. You deserve the chance.