Homeopathic Detoxification

Homeopathic detoxification can liberate your body from the toxins that are blocking your being from experiencing health.

Homeopathic Detoxification is for Everyone

We are all exposed to toxins just being in the world we live in.  Just look at your water and how your food is produced, the environmental pollution that surrounds you.  Over use of medications can also contribute.

Our body tries to naturally address toxins through elimination of waste and our skin.  However these can be altered too which can result in absorption of these toxins into our bodies.

Who has had an antibiotic and ended up with a yeast infection after?  This is because our delicate gut flora is adversely affected as the medication kills the good and bad bacteria alike.  This can be a long lasting affect.

Sometimes I will recommend a hair test to establish some of the toxins, such as heavy metals in the system.

Using Homeopathy to help eliminate toxins I prescribe an 8-week program where I will also support the body and its organs so the experience is a gentle, safe but effective process.

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