Some of you may have seen @antoinettemcweeneyhomeopath ‘s post yesterday revealing the 2 new remedies we created last year.  We have been so excited about creating, using and now sharing these remedies to the world.  I would like to tell how this has come to be and the journey we began together.

In 2018 Ireland had an election to Repeal the 8th Amendment around abortion.  Together with some of our Dream Team Homeopaths we ran a support group to support women (regardless of their belief) who were being retraumatised by much of the divisive discussions happening.  One day we were chatting together.  The trauma felt deep, it was ancestral.  This was generations of our women of this land who had been traumatised.  And were carrying this around today.

Being Homeopaths, we hit on the answer, the Land had the ability to heal us of this trauma.  Our sacred land.  With that in mind we first went to the Hill of Tara in Meath where we created our first remedy.  Tara really represented a lot of destruction, women turning on women.  This was a big energy.  We needed to balance the force of Tara out.

We then travelled to Brigid’s well in Kildare.  And created our next remedy.  This was a softer divine feminine energy.

In March 2020 as we faced into these crazy times, we hit upon the idea that these 2 remedies could help.  And so we began doing free remedy transmissions to all who wanted to receive.  We also created a few Brigid groups to connect her energy and create a tribe of like minded Goddesses.

From this we felt there was more to come.  And so on the Summer Solstice 2020, in what was a special energy with an eclipse and a new moon we created our 3rd remedy now called Summer Solstice, New Beginnings.  We ran a group to trial this remedy and allow its meaning to unfold.  The remedy is the death of old ways, with that brings the dawn of new.  Obligations versus wants.  It is also about stepping off the regular path.  It has an affinity with the colour Turquoise and is a big Liver remedy.

Then in December 2020 we created our 4th remedy.  Simply Winter Solstice 2020.  We will reveal more about this remedy very shortly as there is exciting work planned for us and a tribe of like minded Women to come very soon.

All our remedies are on a journey, not only with us, but with our clients and those who chose to join our groups and remedy transmission sessions.  We continue to use these remedies in our clinics.

If you would like to know more or experience these remedies do get in touch.