Crisis Prescribing

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Crisis Prescribing What do I mean - Crisis Prescribing?  Well if you follow me on the Socials, my dog Oscar was attacked recently.  To say I lost my mind is an understatement (a clear Aconite state).  I stood with Sally, the homeopathic vet asking, what remedies will I give him? After, I thought how do [...]

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Perimenopause / Menopause

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Do you think menopause will be a hot mess or has that been your experience? This was a poll I ran in my Instagram stories - 29% replied yes. Honestly this was better than I imagined.  However it still leaves a lot of women facing into their crone years with something less than joy. avast [...]

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The Pill

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The Pill. I often wonder why the Oral Contraceptive Pill had its name shortened to just the Pill. I mean there are lots of pills in the world. When it was first released on the Female population of the 60s and 70s in Ireland it was the only legal form of contraception available. Even then [...]

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Formula Milk and Organic Formula Milk

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Before I start, this post  in no way an attempt to upset any Mums & Dads out there.  For those of you following me for a while you will know of the Formula Milk Trial that Rita Kara Robinson and I ran in 2019 where we created a homeopathy remedy from 3 top Milk Formula [...]

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Homeopathy and Anxiety

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In my last social media post I spoke about a fab case of overcoming anxiety. For this Client her anxiety was so debilitating she did not leave her apartment. In cases of anxiety that I treat with Homeopathy not only can I help with the immediate and shocking panic attacks that arise. I can also [...]

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Summer Body

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“Summer is coming Gráinne and this body isn’t bikini ready” Clients are saying to me in consults over the last two days! Now first I would say that EVERY body is bikini ready. But that’s my journey of body acceptance!!! With my clients however I listened to them speak about their weight and the personal [...]

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New Remedies Revealed

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Some of you may have seen @antoinettemcweeneyhomeopath 's post yesterday revealing the 2 new remedies we created last year.  We have been so excited about creating, using and now sharing these remedies to the world.  I would like to tell how this has come to be and the journey we began together. In 2018 Ireland [...]

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A New Journey

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3 new clients started their journey to wellbeing today. Working with myself and @ritakararobinson we will determine the best Homeopathy remedies to support them and bring them back to balance. If you would like to work with us pop over to Rita’s website and book in. Select Gráinne from her team if you’d like to [...]

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