Do you think menopause will be a hot mess or has that been your experience?

This was a poll I ran in my Instagram stories – 29% replied yes.

Honestly this was better than I imagined.  However it still leaves a lot of women facing into their crone years with something less than joy. avast driver updater keygen

Yesterday I watched the documentary “Davina McCall : Sex, Myths and the Menopause” – for those who don’t know Davina is a British TV personality.

The one piece of the show that I did agree with is that Women need to talk openly about Perimenopause and Menopause.  For too long Women have had shame around our bodies and its functions – enough is enough.  However why limit it to this time of our lives?  I think Women need to be educated around their entire cycle and bodies.  I remember being a young woman and wondering what this mucous discharge I was having was.  I was far older than I should have been when I understood it was ovulation.  Or why some will have discharge just before their period? – well I only learned that very recently!  And for that matter, how can we has women make informed choices around say for example Contraception, if we don’t understand our bodies and the delicate balance of hormones at play.

The next shocking piece, well I say this ironically because quiet frankly the reason I got into homeopathy was such a lack of support from the medical world.  BUT.  Doctors studying only get menopause training optionally (Uk based information).  Imagine – at least 50% of their client base will experience this and yet the GP hasn’t a clue about it.

And of course the clincher of this “documentary” was Davina’s statement.  I tried exercise, diet and supplements and nothing helped.  Then I found HRT.  In all honesty this show was more of a remarketing ploy on the benefits of HRT and debunking the reports from the 90s on HRT being dangerous.  It spoke about HRT protecting women from osteoporosis and reducing risk of heart disease.  The program also mentioned risk of Alzheimer’s.

What the program didn’t state was how long are you on this for?  What happens when you do come off it?  It did mention it is not suitable for people in their 70s… so what then?

I am 47 and have been experiencing some symptoms that tell me my body is in perimenopause.  However I have found homeopathy to be effective in supporting my symptoms.  And with no side affects.  Or need for long term use.

Finally I would like to share a link to this poem I came across on Instagram during the week.  Jade Beall ( is a photographer who captures our bodies in their natural glory and had added this poem to one of her posts.    The poem is from Maya Luna (