“Grainne has helped me, my husband and two children for about 18 months.
Gráinne is very dedicated to her clients. She listened carefully, asked the appropriate questions and really understood us on all levels. My children used to be really excited to come and say ‘hello’ to her and Oscar (!) during an appointment, which Gráinne welcomed at all times.
I particularly appreciated the fact that she quickly learnt that I preferred things to be explained to me and was very generous with her personal time to chat further, which made my love of homeopathy grow even more.
During treatment, I also appreciated how organised she was. Remedies were always sent promptly and the follow session was set in place so I knew when we could discuss our progress (there was ALWAYS progress).
It was always a bitter sweet moment when we decided that one of us had healed enough because we had developed such a special bond.
That being said, it’s a great comfort knowing that we have an amazing practitioner waiting in the wings if/when we need her.
Thank you Gráinne, I’m so grateful that you decided to embark on a career in homeopathy because you have done wonders for us and no doubt will heal many more families over the years.” K & Family for Homeopathy.

“Grainne has been working with my family for about a year. First she was helping my daughter and then she began to help me, too. Grainne is incredibly thorough, spending a great deal of time understanding the issues that we faced, both medically and personally. She is kind, insightful and her desire to help just pours out. My daughter began to see improvement in her health within about two months (her conditions are quite serious), and I saw improvement almost immediately. If I could give Grainne ten stars I would. She has given us hope when we didn’t have much left.” N & Family for Homeopathy.

“I can not recommend Gráinne enough!  When I first met her I was instantly drawn to her warm, sense of humour and genuine kindness. I have been trying desperately to move back to Ireland the last 2 years and she has been a guiding light on the process. When one house fell through after another I knew I needed her professionally to look into my cards to see what to do next. With all my heart…and hers we wanted Ireland to be in the cards but as we suspected it was indeed not. It hurt us both to hear it but I felt like I was fighting against the universe trying to make it happen. I couldn’t stay down for long as the card spread opened new ideas and doors for us. It touched on happiness and health improving and indeed a move is coming but somewhere I had never been. My family and I are very avid travellers and this was easy to narrow down the places that checked the “must have” boxes and where we have never been. She gave me the push to look for something that is better when I honestly didn’t want to give up on the dream of Ireland.
Gráinne then recommend I have my astrology natal chart done to help see the bigger picture. When I booked in my appointment I was shocked to see everything she stated was exactly what Gráinne had mentioned! Health, happiness and a big move coming soon. Big life changes! The astrologer mentioned a date that would have been significant in my life plan and it was the exact date Gráinne did my cards! After both appointments we are now on a path to finding the forever home we have been hoping for so many years. It seems more clear and effortless unlike the last 2 years and things really are just falling into place like she said! If you are on a cross roads and have lost yourself she can help ground you and put things into perspective.” A for Angel Card reading.