The Pill.

I often wonder why the Oral Contraceptive Pill had its name shortened to just the Pill. I mean there are lots of pills in the world.

When it was first released on the Female population of the 60s and 70s in Ireland it was the only legal form of contraception available. Even then in Catholic Ireland it was marketed as a cycle regulator! Imagine though! iskysoft itube studio for windows serial key I remember the first condom machine appearing in Trinity in the late 80s – oh the shock of it all.

So contraception became the responsibility for many women and the pill their solution.

However in my practice. The percentage of women taking the contraceptive pill as a means to not get pregnant is quiet low.

In fact many women of all ages are taking it for the following;

  •  irregular cycle.
  •  painful periods.
  •  heavy periods.
  • acne.
  • migraines – especially if related to periods.
  • managing pms symptoms.
  • endometriosis management.
  • addressing symptoms of pcos.

The list above points to a hormonal imbalance. Taking a medication to further affect the delicate balance of hormones I mentioned in yesterday’s winzip 21.5 serial key post just doesn’t seem like the best care for women’s bodies.

And often the pill only adds further issues for many women.

With many ladies I treat who have been on the pill I use the Homeopathic version of the pill to restore balance (“like cures like”) to their hormones with some amazing results.

If you feel like you have been adversely affected taking the pill – book a free chat with me and let’s begin your journey to well being.

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