Many of us will have experienced trauma in our past.  It may even have occurred in utero.  Or even be ancestral!

What are the symptoms?

Some of the following are symptoms that are associated with trauma / stress:

  •  anxiety and fear
  •  anger
  •  panic attacks
  •  sleep issues
  • digestion issues
  • headaches

Role of Homeopathy

Whether the trauma / stress occurred recently or far in the persons past or perhaps even ancestrally Homeopathy can offer huge support.  There may be physical issues from this trauma, such as headaches from concussion, or emotional affects such as fear getting into a car from an accident.  With the correct remedy Homeopathy can provide support on all these levels to begin releasing the pain and restoring wellness.

I have experience working with trauma/stress caused in-utero – for some this may seem unusual.  While the child may have no memory of anything, their body can hold the memory.  In this situation it is very beneficial to work with Mum and child to restore well-being.

I am also working more with ancestral trauma.  Since I began creating remedies myself with my colleague Antoinette, I have always believed the land held the answer to our healing.  I always am reminded, that we were an egg, in our mother, when she was a baby inside her mother.  It makes sense to me that we can be holding this energy in our being.  There are wonderful remedies that can help bring healing to this, for ourselves, our future generations and also those past.

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