When you begin working with a Homeopath you will often hear us use the word Acute – what the heck does it mean?

An Acute illness is one which is shortly lived and generally people recover from it in days.  Things such as coughs, colds, tummy bugs, cuts, bites and sore throats.  For all my clients, I recommend purchasing a Homeopathy first aid kit to be used for these Acute illnesses.  All kits come with a little booklet which will guide you to picking the most appropriate remedy for your issue.  The kits contain 36-42 remedies (depending on which brand you purchase).  The two kits I recommend are the Ainsworth kit containing 42 remedies or the Helios blue kit containing 36 remedies.  In Homeopathy we have multiple remedies for the same ailment, so it is not as simple as taking a remedy called “Cough”.  Oh no, you have to go through all the symptoms of the cough to decipher the correct possible remedy.

I offer Acute support to all my clients.  The assumption is you must have a Kit to hand – imagine by the time you order the remedy and have it delivered your symptoms will most likely have changed and you may in fact now require a different remedy.

For clients I will do my best to suggest a remedy based on information given.  To help with this I have provided a document called CLAMS – this gives guidance as to the information that I will need to be able to quickly and effectively find the best fitting remedy for you.  Messaging me with “I have a cough what remedy will I take” will never work.  Under cough alone, there are hundreds of possible remedies, but for example, under dry cough, better for warm drinks – well now things start to narrow down.

Where I do not get enough or any information I will then need to do an acute consult which is a 15minutes call where I get all the details of your illness.  I then recommend the most appropriate remedy from you.  The cost of this is €35.

You will quickly learn the remedies that work best in your family, but you will also see how beneficial homeopathy treatment is for these situations with no harmful side affects.

Another handy tip I recommend is keeping a notebook of the remedies that work best for you and your family.  For example I know when a cold is in the back of my throat Phosphorus is my go to remedy.  I also know my pressure headaches are Sulphur, where my exhaustion headaches are NuxVom.