“Summer is coming Gráinne and this body isn’t bikini ready”
Clients are saying to me in consults over the last two days!

Now first I would say that EVERY body is bikini ready. But that’s my journey of body acceptance!!!

With my clients however I listened to them speak about their weight and the personal challenge it is to them.

Guess what. There isn’t a magic remedy to melt the pounds away.

However if the weight gain is due to hormones, I can support this.

If there is a Sugar gremlin on your shoulder I can rebalance that.

If you eat because of mood challenges I can work on that.

All with my fantastic Homeopathy remedies.

However there is also work you need to do yourself to help. Here are some of my tips that I am using myself;

  • Cut out the processed foods. It might seem obvious but the amount of hidden junk in packaged foods is staggering. Especially sugar.
  • Are you getting enough healthy fats? Avocado, coconut oil, chia seeds or eggs – this is not a comprehensive list. We actually need these fats in our diet. It helps our hormones and feeds our brain. We can also feel fuller!
  • Do you drink enough? I struggle so this week I am ticking off each glass I drink to track. Most of us eat when actually our body is simply thirsty and dehydrated. Again our cells need water to function.

These are just 3 examples of changes you can make to help nourish your body.

If you would like Homeopathy support alongside changes you are making do get in touch.
(Disclaimer I am not a nutritionist)

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