Before I start, this post  in no way an attempt to upset any Mums & Dads out there.  For those of you following me for a while you will know of the Formula Milk Trial that Rita Kara Robinson and I ran in 2019 where we created a homeopathy remedy from 3 top Milk Formula brands – this remedy has since been made by Helios for us!  Using this remedy we tested it on a number of volunteers and saw some significant changes especially on gut health.  We now use this remedy in our practices regularly with great results.
(see this link for results from that trial Powdered Formula Milk detox study – Rita Kara Robinson – Homeopathy (  I am not trying to create an argument for or against the substance, but continue exploring the possibilities of helping more children in my practice who are susceptible to the affects of this on their developing bodies, especially their gut health.

So when I recently saw leading brands advertising their Organic Milk formula I was really taken aback.  The Marketing Departments are really having a field day with this as people believe when food says its organic that suddenly means its good for you.  It also made me wonder how people would in turn feel choosing the non organic formula and why surely in food intended for babies that all ingredients would be well sourced and “clean” ingredients.baixar w10 pro 64 bits 2018 crackeado apowerrec crackeado

What Organic does mean is the milk, oils etc in the product are sourced organically.  The 2 ingredients that are organic in this product are Skimmed milk and Whey protein.  But does this mean that the product is better than those we tested 2years ago?

Here’s what I have found so far.

First product contains Maltodextrin.  This product is a fine white powder used to thicken foods, improve texture and flavour, to preserve shelf life and also replace sugar in low fat foods.  It has NO nutritional value.  It has an even higher Glycemic index than SUGAR!  Meaning it affects blood sugars more than actual sugar.

Next Soya Lecithin.  Lecithin is a food additive taken from differing sources such as milk, egg yolks, rapeseed or in this case Soya.  Most soy grown in the US anyway is genetically modified soy so unless the ingredient says Organic – which in the case of the one I’m reviewing it doesn’t (SMA ORGANIC First Infant Milk | Formula Milk | SMA Baby)  then its a GM food source.  Also there is a chemical solvent used to extract the lecithin from the soya and much debate on residue of the chemical in the powder.  There does appear to be very mixed views on this product, whether chemical material is left in the powder and the quantity left.  But one thing I will say GM soy is not something I’d consume as an adult.   

This is reviewing one product and wondering do my questions of two years ago of formula having an affect on some babies still stand.  And honestly organic or not, they still do.