April 2021

Homeopathy and Anxiety

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In my last social media post I spoke about a fab case of overcoming anxiety. For this Client her anxiety was so debilitating she did not leave her apartment. In cases of anxiety that I treat with Homeopathy not only can I help with the immediate and shocking panic attacks that arise. I can also [...]

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January 2021

February 2020


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What is affecting your Mood? . This week I’ve seen new clients where their mood is affected by Grief. By crippling Anxiety. Or by Depression. And generally just seeing the world as Grey. Or lacking Joy. . But their journey to wellbeing begins now as I get ready to post their remedies to them.  . [...]

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Homeopathy and Migraines

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Feedback from a lovely client follow-up today. From having at least one a month. And when bad could be 2-3 a week. To none for over two months. Continuing now to support some other physicals. Migraines gone. emotionally much better even though there's stress. We are on the right path. Note - we can have [...]

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